Under the Influence

Well now... my first recorded and mixed composition (I'm not counting "The Daring Search for Bob's Left Brain" because it was not recorded as it was written). I could write a book about this song and the process that went into producing this recording, but nobody wants to read that (although at some point I should probably write some things down for my own future reference, at least... I learned a lot from this experience). But I can't resist a few semi-random notes:

- I don't know if I would call this representative of my style (the other compositions in my queue to be recorded are very different), but it is does represent my influences pretty well.. hence the title (which has nothing to do with alcohol... and, admittedly, isn't very good.... perhaps I would be better off using a random-title-generator). If you listen closely you can hear a little Soundgarden, Blues Traveler, Bjork, Satriani, jazz (referring to my education and experience in the jazz band rather than what I listen to), Frank Zappa (who I don't listen to much, but has still had a slight influence), etc...
- The entire song was basically built on the rarely-heard violin melody... the other instruments were added to complement that, then I muted it and realized I had something that would be fun to add guitar to.
- Speaking of the guitar.... there's wayyy too much of it (making this an excessively long song)... but I decided the song really wasn't that great to begin with, and people wouldn't exactly be making it a standard in their playlists even if the solos were nice and short (which they would be if I was actually trying to make something people would want to listen to). So, I figured, what the hell?
- I recommend listening with headphones or at least with balanced speakers on your right and left so you can hear the stereo effects... I put a lot of time into the panning.... which isn't to say that the panning is any good, just that I would appreciate some feedback on it. :)