Standing in the Dark

Many months after the release of "Under the Influence," I have finally completed my second original recording. This was actually recorded at about the same time as "Under the Influence," and the music was completed first (it was started second, but it's very simple), but I spent a lot more time working on mixing and mastering this one, in the hopes of applying lessons I had learned from the feedback on the former piece. I honestly released UTI first because I thought it was the better composition, but some people seem to prefer this one. Perhaps because it's more simple and poppy. It's still very long, but this time it was intentional. Before I even sat down to record this, I had decided that I wanted to have fun with the guitar on it. So I'm content with the guitar on this song, but I do intend to cut down the solos on future works.

- I should probably warn listeners that this song started as a joke. I basically decided to see how quickly and easily I could write a simple techno tune. I never originally had any intention of releasing a recording of it, but I just happened to try playing guitar along with it one evening, and I really liked what I was playing. If I had known how much time I would eventually spend on editing/mixing/mastering this song, I probably wouldn't have ever bothered... But anyway, the point is that it is pretty simple and cheesy... reminds me of 80s danceclub techno (not that I spent much time clubbing in the 80s...). And the guitar playing is... well, fitting.
- I hate fadeout endings... but after a bit of struggling with the ending I wanted (which I will only describe as being strongly influenced by the ending of Bjork's "Hunter"), a friend finally convinced me to open my mind to the concept... and I have to admit, it kind of works in this case. The main deciding factor for me was the simple fact that it was already a damn long song, and the fadeout ending would trim it down a tad and perhaps not bore listeners quite as much. I'm keeping a version with the original ending for myself though...
- The distortion guitar stuff is entirely improvised, but probably about half of the clean section is composed.
- The very beginning was actually a mistake.. I was trying to write the main chords of the song, but I wrote them wrong. Needless to say, I liked the mistake.
- Although the chord progression is extremely simple compared to "Under the Influence," I took advantage of that to try more interesting things with the guitar. I use at least three different scales: ionian, mixolydian, and blues.