Love Thing

This song was written by Joe Satriani and can be found on his album, Crystal Planet. I figured it out entirely by ear (including the bass and drums) and recorded this rendition with MIDI backing in high school. I was hoping to get it on a tribute CD being made by the Joe Satriani fan mailing list, but it didn't make the cut. Perhaps due to my terrible use of a wah pedal... I actually use the same type of pedal that Satriani used to record the song (a Crybaby 535), but I've never quite had the knack for those things. I was playing my old Peavey Predator and going from that through a Zoom effects processor straight to the computer. So it doesn't quite have that warm and fuzzy sound of playing through an amplifier, but it does have the plus side of avoiding the crappy recording equipment I use for the other songs on this site.